The Maxi MK1... best Sex for the money

I had the great privledge to be able to put quite some different vintage and modern Rolex watches on my wrist. And found out that the simple classic style of the 5513/5512 is the nicest of all. And among them.... well the Maxi Mk1 for me the the best dial ever. Just some bigger indexes, but what a difference!!! For me pure sex on the wrist and best watch for the money. Rare,... and really magical.....

The non-date Submariner is just reduced to the MAX. 

2 reacties:

  1. Gr8 watch, Bernhard! Sex on the wrist :-)

    Loving my 5513 Maxi MK IV with Tropic #19.


  2. Enjoy it Darren... it's great and love your images!


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