Day at the track

Yesterday i was invited for a RaceExperience by a client. What a blast.
First we got instructions and some inside into driving by our pilot. He is GT1 worldchampion and last years 2nd at LeMans GT1 class. Also former teambuddy of Vettel in class Renault... etc. SO we where in good hands. Fast hands LOOL!

Our drive for that day was a Porsche GT3 racing version. And i was second to jump aboard. First lap with cold slick's after the track was still slippery. So the first round was testing... and after that full-throttle. What a blast.
217 does not sound fast. But on a track... at about 100 mtr from the chicane... it sure get's the adrenaline pumping ;-)
It was fantastic.. i want more. 

A famous Belgian rock star... and his car.


The coolest car of the day. Audi R8 racer. What a sound and speed. 

I will try to up-load the movie i made ... during the drive.

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  1. A day at the races - a night at the opera?? ;-)

    Cool pics, thanks for sharing!

    Best, fredi


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