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Here are some of the highlights from the passion meeting... Outstanding quality of BigCrowns!

Well at the meeting there where so many great watches. Unbelievable quality and rare pieces. Like the 13 Milsubs, Comex.. but also 5-6 perfect 5512 minutetrack 4-liners, 2 Killy, Bakelite GMT's,.. brown watches,.. Stardial ... doctor's Daytona,... 3-6-9 Sub's... 10-11 Newma's and so on!! Simply the best of the best. Amazing. And also a lot of great BigCrowns. Today i want to share some of them.

The BigCrowns are among the most iconic vintage Rolex watches. And a great joy on the wrist. Developed for more depth they often where used for military and professional usage. It all started with reference 6200 and then went to 6538 and 5510. But in between the references you see different special watches. Like the deep red 3-6-9 dial on this Big Crown. Which is the best BigCrown i have ever seen! Crazy, crazy rare! The grail of all i think. And the 3-6-9 makes it look so cool. But even more look at the condition. Unbelievable! Also notice the early bezel.

And here together with another ultra-rare watch. 4-Liner 6538 with fantastic tropical dial. The 4-liner is already very rare. But to get it full gloss tropical in this condition. Mindblowing!!!

Here is a 6200... the mother of the big crowns

6538/A also very rare. With special caseback. Military watch!

A great underline 6538. Which makes the discussion about underlines also exciting. 

And a perfect 6538 2-lines. Just the beauty of a perfect watch!!!

There where more at the meeting. A couple more... like perfect 6538's and also 2x 5510 in great condition!

There where so many watches.. and so little time, that we could not do the group-shots of the watches this year.
Dammmm that would have looked great.

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