What more do we need....

The non-date Submariner rules. The pure Rolex dna. Do we really need more?

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  1. you know i love this non-date sub :-)


  2. Probably not, so sell the Comex...;-)


  3. You are right the best watch design ever and thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.

  4. I am lucky enough to be the new owner of the 5513 in these picture. I am absolutely in love with it. Thanks for keeping it in the state that it is in :) I will do my best to keep it this way..

    Thanks for sharing your passion with us via this blog!

    Greetings, Wouter.

  5. What... Ruben did et it go so quickly?

    Well... enjoy it. It is a real great watch. I miss it.
    As it was all vintage Rolex stands for to me. A lot of character... and sex on the wrist.

    Enjoy it in good health!

  6. Hi Bernhard, thanks for your kind words :) I am loving every minute of it. It's a great piece which I consider as a great classic. Like you say: sex on the wrist! It really differs from my LV and red sub.

    Ruben knew I was in the market for a 5513 for a while now but I wanted to wait for a great piece... Well this was it :) So he gave me a call..

    Keep posting B!

  7. Do you know where that NATO came from
    I like the color with your watch and strap together

  8. Just bought it of e-bay years ago. It's like the Milsub ones... kind of blue/green.
    Don't have a address where to get it today. Sorry.

  9. Thank you, it.s good looking!


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