Semi vintage

As in my head there is the search for a beater.. which will swimm, tennis, dive and work in the garden LOOL. There is always the range of 16660 and 16800 on my mind. Saphire tough... matte dial with patina. This 666 once belonged to me. Just for a short while. As after wearing it for one week i could not get the sex out of it. Looked kind of dead. Mhhhhh..

So should i now search for a 16800 matte dial... or rather try a 1680 as a beater. Get it waterproof. Or even more modern. 14060 M or 16710 mmmh???? I am confused. 

3 reacties:

  1. Wow

    Amazing watch and beautiful shots as usual!!

  2. Since you're a vintage passionado 1680 is the way to go. Matte dial with off white or patina dots on it. Beauty of simplicity!


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