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The last year or two i am not just into the collecting of watches but also more and more into 'lifestyle' around it. Searching straps, fashion etc.. all kind of things that connect our 'private' world we enjoy. For me it's also guitars and in the past vintage furniture. In the future i might have some great news that will connect these worlds even more. But for now i want to show you my new bag.  Made with 100percent Passion.
In my search i discovered the BillyKirk Bags. And not only i was smiling right away from the looks and material. But also by the knowledge of a hand made product.  With great details!
I am at this point researching and making the business model for starting a new company which will connect these worlds and will bring even more lifestyle to my watch collecting passion as also maybe more passion for the watches to a lifestyle audience. I want to do something different or done in a different way. On my search for great products and possible partners i found this bag. And i love it. Did make me put my LV bag in the closet... and i am looking forward to see how the material will age.

As sais i love when people do something from within their deep passion. You can feel it.. in the product.
Here is a video where they show their brand...

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  1. mmmhmmh
    " In the future i might have some great news"

    I can't wait

    maybe because I'm always curious


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