About me

Hi, my name is Bernhard.

For more then 7 years i am now into collecting vintage watches. Mainly vintage Rolex.
In those years i had the great privilege to meet many great friends in the vintage Rolex world. And the joy to have owned many great, great watches of all kind of references.

Sharing knowledge and the passion for our hobby was always my great joy. On many forums people know me under the name of BULLIBEER. And many, many people asked me in the past to help them find their vintage Rolex 'dream' watch. I was happy to help to find the right watches. Learning them to look at the right quality etc.

I am a designer and lover of nice things, food, travel etc. I see vintage Rolex not as a technical hobby. I enjoy the watches because of their history, patina, design,... timeless quality.
Every vintage Rolex tells a story to me. And it does not end with buying it. No the fact that i am able to add something to that story gives me great pleasure.

In a time where so much has become 'temporary' and shallow... i feel wearing such a watch, knowing/feeling it has something to say.... add on to it.. and passing it on to someone else is special.

That is also why i started Bulang & Sons as a webshop/company.

My dad introduced me into the world of collecting and high standard of personal values when i was young. Now i am doing so to my kids.

Bulang & Sons stands for that value. To be down to earth, connected and pass on something special to the next generation. Like a great vintage Rolex.

Out of that passion i am one of the 2 founders of the Rolex Passion Meetings. A annual meeting held for a group of selected watch-nuts. With people joining in from all over the world.

Not because it is a 'elite' group or meeting. But because of the special mixture of great watches, friendship, trust, relaxed atmosphere and the mixture of people. All passionate, but from different levels of collecting.

Here are some links to the meetings...

Passion 2012

Passion 2011

Passion 2010

Passion 2009

Comex meeting

Some other posts... i enjoyed.. as i love to shoot watches....


Milsub meeting

My former Milsubs

Newman love

As you see i love photography. And i hope i will be able to keep exploring our great hobby and share my 'route' with you guys.

All the best


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