The GMT has landed

Well guys you know i posted some WTB for a perfect 1675..... and i am almost there!!!! Fedex was nice to me this week. And it send me a beautiful GMT 1675 from '67.... not in it's final stage... but the route is the goal, if you know what i mean. When i posed my WTB i had so many nice mails... not only from sellers... but even more from great people trying to help. What a great feeling is that... community in it's best shape. Helping each other from sharing the same kind of passion. Not from gaining... but sharing! One of the nicest things!!!!!! Thanks to all. And here it is.... 

Perfect case to me... i love those lugs!!!! 
The dial will be replaced for a nice MK1 matte dial. The hands are surposed to be original to this transitional era. 
And it came with papers and chrono-certificate.... both punched. So i hope to the watch will be in 'my' dream-state before X-Mas... as she was my X-mas gift. 
And the greatest gift in that.... the people we meet on that way. And a very special lady knows what i mean!!!!! 
A good friend borrowed his black inlay for a couple of day's.... so know i need a black fat font inlay.... maybe even faded.... so if you have one... make my day.

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  1. Fantastic watch bernhard..!!
    I have the modern version of this one, unfortunately without the lugholes wich makes it more a toolwatch IMHO.
    But never the less I am very happy with it and it's one of my favourites.



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