The way forward

Well after a hell of a trip/detour... i received a package today. Way late... but that is a different story. Let's say it like this. There was someone really surprised at a different place in Europe ;-))) thanks to Fedex LOOL!

But here it is. And what makes it so important to me? Not only that it is a coool watch. With a killer dial and real fat indexes. Maxi style, as it comes from the same time as the 5513 Maxi dials. Not only it comes with papers, original receipt from the shop of Geneva airport and service papers. No it came from the original owner.

The last weeks i had strong discussions and thoughts about the vintage Rolex world,... and the direction it will take for me. With more and more technical development, micro welding, re-lacquering, put together, toasted, re-lume...
And what i feel is, that provenance and first owner watches, fresh to our world are the way forward to me. Trying to find these packages. Not only because of the quality and beauty! The fact that the watch is pure... as it comes and honest. Is it new knowledge? No of course not. As great friends and kind of hero's for me in this world do this for a long time now. Finding first owner watches. But i think it will get more and more important. And i think it is time to have good discussions on 'restoration' of watches. What do we think as OK and what NOT. Where do we draw a line.... and how does it reflect on price? Happy to hear your thoughts.....

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  1. I think the issue is important Bernhard. Technological developments are changing all aspects of our lives, watches being one. Originality is key and first owner watches are a rare, but perfect way to go with this. I have just landed a full set, first owner Rolex. Came with boxes, papers, numbered hang tag, caseback sticker and original receipts!! It's not a very rare model, but I know that it's not been tampered with and is a nice no issues watch. These pieces are the future, in my opinion. Just look at the state of the auction houses......

  2. Can only agree with Ross.
    I don't think any end buyer wants a tampered watch if they can choose. The only ones who do not care are the dealers with a very roomy conscience.

  3. Thanks guys for your thoughts! Indeed i feel this is an important issue. Also we need to find our common opinion on which is OK and NOT on restoring watches. And how to communicate about it!

    A lot to think and talk about!


    But still..... first owner is always special!!

  4. first owner importance grows as more and more watches hit the market. a first owner watch is a nuance all by itself which some collectors will treasure.
    that said, i think what is most important is that people know what they are buying. so if a watch has had work done, buyers need to be educated enough to know work has been done. and to educate buyers is no easy task so buyers will continue to be burned


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