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It's getting hard to talk about rare, when you see all those pile of watches. But believe me... those are rare. And so nice.
A JC Killy isn't even that rare by itself. But in great condition, you will not find many. For a while the more complicated Rolex watches like the Killy, old chrono's and moonphases where out of sight by the main collecting scope. Maybe out of fashion. But the last 2-3 years they became hot again. And for pieces in mint and great condition, prices went sky high. But for me mainly they look real great. The dials have so much details. Also they look like chrono dresswatches, they are still real sporty and cool because of the Oyster case. And i love the style of endlinks on the bracelets.

And if we then talk rare... this one is ULTRA rare among them... Double name Serpico Killy in gold. Uhhhhhhhh...

4 Killy's at passion...

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