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Another Killer watch of Passion. For me among the most amazing ones. Mint Square Crown Guard Submariner 5512.
These watches where the first batch after Rolex switched from 5510 to 5512. And with it from non-square-crown to square-crown-guard protection. They had different versions of them in the beginning. But this is the first one. Very, very rare. I have only seen 3 now live. And only know about a handful myself. Maybe there are more around. But it was only produced in small numbers and for a small period of time.

But then what makes this one so special... look at the condition!!!! The ones i have seen where all in way less condition. Dialwise.. but look at the case of this one. Look on how sharp you can see the original lines. Amazing!!! 
It's with a great friend and it came from the original owner. 

5512, 5510 and 6200

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