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Dear friends,

Finally i can say my little project has gone live. Bulang & Sons / Fine watches and Collecting Lifestyle is in the air.

visit bulangandsons.com

After 8 years of collecting and sharing a new fase has started. Everything is coming together and falling in it's right place. Next to my daily business of my design agency i started a company dedicated to my hobby. Vintage watches and collecting lifestyle.
But first of all i want to thank all my friends who walked the road with me in the last years. Who shared their passion, knowledge and fun. With the last Passion Meeting fresh in mind this is still the biggest value in our beloved hobby.
And now as it has become also a business for me i still cherish those values. I also want to thank Richard Carver and the mods for all the hard work they put into VRF and giving me the opportunity to present my little venture to you.

Thank you guys for all the support and friendships!!

Together with my wife we will run this little business. As i still have the design agency as my daily job. But we are in this for the long term....
Why Bulang & Sons you might wonder. This is not about a old heritage brand with 3 generations working in the company. This is al about values; in lasting products, business and human relationships. Values i have learned from my dad and work hard to pass them on to my kids. As in the Patek commercial. We only take care of the 'watches' for the next generation...

We will be buying and selling mainly vintage Rolex, Heuer and Omega watches; we also sell a wide range of products to complement your watches, like straps, watch rolls, pouches, bags, vintage sunglasses, bikes, bracelets, fashion etc. We collaborate with a select group of designers and craftsmen who passionately create most of their products by hand with respect for tradition, often in limited editions.
One of the brands we work with is Grahame Fowler Originals from New York. One of our dear members here on VRF also.
We will not only sell products for men but also watches and bags etc for the woman. Let's be honest. These watches look best on the wrist of a nice lady anyway ;-)

As a designer i love the strength of timeless design, the emotion of the patina and especially the feeling that those watches have a life. The feeling of a vintage watch, that gives an feeling of history. Every watch is unique and has it’s own story. That makes collecting vintage watches so special to me.
I love products based on tradition and heritage. Products that have been, often, crafted by hand in small factories. Product that also tell a story. The last years you see more and more products that are based on individual  values. Away from the disposable culture and mass production. 
As we love the lifestyle around the watches so much we will deliver every watch with a little package to give it some extra style.

We will also do CURATED PACKAGES... where i search for matching products to go with a certain watch. To make the look complete. Like you see below...  

In the next weeks we will still tweak the website. Hope you will enjoy.
.... thanks again and have a great weekend.

Bernhard Bulang
Ohhhh no... NOW i am a dealer. ;-)

visit bulangandsons.com

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