Passion Meeting 2013 was such a blast

Just a short intro and first images... as i have to leave for meetings and have to get the website Bulang & Sons up this week.
But Passion 2013 was another blast! Crazy! Cool.. Fun.. and so many nice people and watches.

The 6th edition again became such a great event to join our hobby and passion among people who showed no ego,... just shared and enjoyed all the grewat details and quality. Not only of the watches.. but mainly of the people. From many different backgrounds and parts of the world.

Philipp and myself are so proud of being able to host such an event. With such a special trust and atmosphere among the people.

Thanks guys and girls for coming. It was an honor to have you and have a great time!!!


Sorry we can't share the real great images with you... the images of the people enjoying them selfs and the company. Sharing, fun... warm....... which is the biggest value of Passion.
But these times force us to keep it more and more private. It's such a privilege to be among such a group without any pretentious or ego driven atmosphere.



And here are some of the earlier Passion Meetings....

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