Not a regulateur, but a dump-valve

On VRF and the bay i have seen this one often seen advertised as a regulateur. But that is a mistake. This is a Comex-Pro dumpvalve. It is used for evacuating to the outside of the hyperbaric chamber the oxygen-rich mixtures breathed during decompression or therapeutic treatment. It's purpose is to prevent oxygen build-up in the atmospehe of the chamber, thus minimizing fire risks.

Changed the blog a bit...

I changed the blog a bit.... so it will be easier to scroll and images will be bigger in the future. Therefore i will do the posts with one 'bigger' image and an introduction as an intro. And with the link 'READ MORE' you will be able to see the complete post after clicking it.
So i can upload more images for each post and images will be bigger. I hope you will enjoy the changes.

I am also looking if i will change the blog from google-blog to another version. With more options. Will keep you all posted.

Match made in heaven

Yeahhhh after some search. Finally i found the perfect bezel for my 5512 tropical. Such an amazing combination. Can't get hold of the true colours in the image. Brown/greenish, as the dial. And so cool... as the dial has a gradient, the inlay has i also.
The inlay is a super fat font typography. Which is very, very rare. I was told there might be a military connection in them but nobody knows. I am so happy...

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