Day-Date Mania...

Uhhh never thought the day-date would hit me this hard!
What a cool watch. And as one of them is leaving me today i could not resist to make this images. 3 killer day-dates together. 3 times the same reference and still 3 total different styles. 

SOLD > 1675 GMT

Another one for sale. This time a nice and cool looking 1675 GMT. Pure lifestyle.  WATCH IS SOLD. BUT MORE WILL FOLLOW anD I AM ALWAYS LOOKING FOR NICE WATCHES!

Day-Date with a twist

As you could see the widebody Day-Date looks very cool with the camo nato. But i also wanted to show you how it looks on the wrist. And add some extra lifestyle to it... here you go.. cool stuff.

Double Trouble... Day-Date time

Here you see some Day-Date love in combination with a vintage Filson bag. What a great style combination! A friend sold me a great Filson bag for daily work. But the vintage travel bag is ├╝bercool. More images will follow...

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