Casio... no not just a Casio....

What seems like a regular G-Shock....
Shows some numbers on the back...

And has some very special history. Tudor MN.
After they used the different Tudor series, the Marine Nationale switched to Casio G-Shock watches. A cheap and very effective watch for the purpose.

And here some of the gear they used:

Bond,.... James Bond...

We all know the image... and indead... the James Bond Big Crown looks ultra cool with such a strap. 18mm looks best for me.
And it's so much fun with these cool toolwatches... swap and match. And swap again...
Watch is a 6538 Big Crown. With the typical 2 colour gilt print for a '59 watch. Also the kind of greenish colour of the indexes is typical for that period as also seen on 6542's and 5512 from '59.

Comex porn 2

Amazing weather,... amazing place,... amazing people and amazing watches.
Comex passion all the way.

Second time around

2 years ago i sold my 1655... a real nice one. And somehow i decided not to go that way again. But on the Passion meeting i got tempted.... by my good friend Werner. A real Orange Hand lover. And he always kept telling me to get one again. Well today was the day. Second time around.
I was wearing one ... and i love it!!!! It's from a friend and i will have to let go soon... but Werner... you are right. It's one sexy beast!!!!! 

Very special.... to me!

Well this is one of my rarest and most special goodies.
An original SBS pin. Given to me by a very special person. At a very special day. So you might understand how much it means to me.

Christies goes Single Red DeepSea

Still remember the Monday afternoon in my studio, when we did the photoshoot of the SingleRed Seadweller. I loved it... and the camera loved the watch. And now it will get it's final chapter. After being sold out within 2 month, the issue No. 60/86 is now at auction at Christies, Geneva. On November the 16th the package will be sold in behave of the Jacques Piccard Archive. So i hope it will hit a high result in behave of a good course. Some extra 'vintage' goodies will come with it. Also the son of Jacques Piccard will give a lecture the weekend before. Hope to be there at the event. Here are more of the images of the watch:

Comex in action.....

Some great Comex movies....

2010 will be great

Wooow... wat a great calendar! John Goldberger.
Need to get it! Fantastic rare watches!

Mr. Cool

Can't get enough of those images... Mr. COOOOOOL!
ANd not the 1655 Oranghand was his watch... but the 5512 Submariner.

The Maxi MK1... best Sex for the money

I had the great privledge to be able to put quite some different vintage and modern Rolex watches on my wrist. And found out that the simple classic style of the 5513/5512 is the nicest of all. And among them.... well the Maxi Mk1 for me the the best dial ever. Just some bigger indexes, but what a difference!!! For me pure sex on the wrist and best watch for the money. Rare,... and really magical.....

The non-date Submariner is just reduced to the MAX. 


Well some of those moments in Life... you will never forget. After 2008... the 2009 meeting was even better. Fantastic guys, fantastic watches and sooooo much fun.

Some of the high-lights:

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