Italian style... vintage Rolex going Panerai?!

Last year i have often seen some cool Italian straps on friends watches. Also at the Passion meeting. I feel they give a cool twist to the sportswatches. Something different for a while. Of course we love steel. But it's nice to change now and then. And why not. On forums people often state.. no use steel.. not original. But when we look at Panerai, people created a cult of changing, matching straps. Creating different styles with the same watch. And i think it's great for Rolex also. Mix and match. And you can get a new kick on your wrist now and then. Without keep buying watches ;-). Also a good tactic as finding new nice watches is getting harder and harder. Some images inside.

Hillary Tenzing Explorer.. another project from a friend

Like on the DeepSea Piccard i had the joy to shoot the images of the watch and goodies. And i have to admid. This project goes into details ... deep into details. His office looked like he is going to climb the Everest soon.

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