5513 love...

Just a nice image.... we are so lucky!

A great gift from a friend

This week was full of surprises.... and out of the blue a package arrived... with just one note ' THIS BOOK HAD YOUR NAME WRITTEN ALL OVER IT!!!".
And whaooow... what a great gift! A lot of memories. Of my tennis-youth. Full of Agassi shoes, Cross-Trainer, Diadora, Wafle-Trainers...
Thank you W. i am so happy with it!!! Big thanks!

Auction coming up.... Bonhams 9th of June

Another auction coming up. Bonhams in London. Looking nice. Some great watches. And i love the ones with a story. Like the 6034 from Norman Buckley. Here is the story from Bonhams (quote):

The 5513...simple but soooo beautiful

It keeps to be my favorite reference. Reduced to the max. But with the right patina, great case and right inlay.... PURE SEX ON THE WRIST!


These bags are so much fun! Hard-core material. Cool looks..... and something different then the 'big-fashion-brand' at the gym LOOL. This one will go to a friend, as i already have a couple. I love Comex.

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