Daytona Love part 6... the ultimate

Well this one is the ultimate Daytona for me. I had the great honour to have quite some great Daytona's in my hand.... but this one for me i still the queen. None can match her in beauty for me. Perfect style and great condition. 6241 3 colour Newman. And as some people always feel that the pump-pusher Daytona looks small.... this one doesn't. The bezel makes all the difference. And the 3 colour white dial makes it really magical and eye-candy.

Saturday lounge

Enjoy your weekend! Some great coffee and some great watches.
Saturday lounge all the way!

Vintage... we love vintage....

No comment needed... just a cool combination.

Daytona Love part 5

One of the nicest Daytona's i have ever seen. It belongs to a great friend. Who build such a great collection of fantastic watches. And this one is a real rare bird. He searched for more then 3 years for a real nice one. A total brown Daytona. Often we them with brown sub-dials. But with a total brown dial and white eyes, is real rare and ultra sexy!!! And the original MK1 pushers!
Well done my friend!!! I am totally in love...

Special GMT 1675 UAE

A very special 1675 from a friend. Original UAE GMT (United Arab Emirates). These watches where produced from 1971 till 1979 by Rolex. And delivered for the U.A.E Helicopter Pilots. The dial was specially made, with an Eagle which is the logo of the U.A.E.
A very special GMT Military watch. Like the " Fuerza del Peru" they are also seen with complete blue bezel. A real rare bird indeed. As most we see are also with fake dials.

Ologanpo... not every ones cup of....

Love it or hate it. But as a collector these straps are also special to me.
During the Vietnam War, soldiers and sailors would often take R&R in the city of Olongapo located near the Subic Bay Naval Station.  It was in Olongapo many Navy Divers, Seals, UDT members and Army / Marine Special forces would have watch bracelets crafted carrying custom insignias.   These bracelets, now named for the city in which they were made, were a cottage industry of the natives of the city who handmade each.   Bracelets were crafted for a specific Seviceman and therefore each is found w/ a unique set of insignias.  Most often these bracelets are found attatched to a Benrus Type I dive watch (as above), though they are found on many others as well - from original pairings to unlikely current partners.

Courtesy to Billy from Watch Addicts INC

Submariner 16610 Panama

Stefano just posted a new fantastic story on this real rare watch.
The Rolex 16610 with Panama Canal on the dial was delivered in a extreme small batch. A real rare watch.
Here is the story, hope your Italian is real fine ;-)

Image in courtesy of Stefano Mazzeriol.

Daytona Love part 4

Another fantastic example.. one of the nicest i had on my wrist. Again a sigma dial and 4.X serial. Perfect dial with dark chocolate subdials.

Fantastic Newman parade

Stefano Mazzariol has one of the nicest blogs. With fantastic information. He is very deep into the watches and is the writer of the well know Daytona book. WIth also a lot of coverage of the Newman dials. Here is his Newman page:

Newman... new style

This fantastic watch... looks also cool on a white strap.
And as i love my black vintage SWISS tropic strap, this Newman need it's white vintage brother.

The old Sub and the sea

Well if there is one place for me... where the vintage Submariner get's all it's magic... it's the beach.
A beach of faded wood, timeless seas and endless horizon. My Place to get my head clear. energy level back to boost and the perfect place to enjoy a vintage Sub!

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