Heuer auction at Bonhams

Couple of weeks ago Bonhams had a great Heuer auction. And i only just got the catalogue due of the bad weather.
What great watches and style did they put into the auction. Nice images of the world around it and cool watches. With amazing results. The black Monaco went crazy. Real high price for a ├╝bercool watch.

The 5510 is reaaaaaal hot!!!

I am proud to show you my new beast of joy! 5510...

5510 seems to be hot.....

Seems like the Rolex 5510 just is getting his attention. A sleeping beauty. Undervalued maybe. Tha last of the real cool Bond watches.

What more do we need....

The non-date Submariner rules. The pure Rolex dna. Do we really need more?

The Hans Wilsdorf Story - Founder of Rolex

Right here on James Rolexblog... great report.

Link to the story

Glamour shot

In the change strap mode... this one is the ultimate Newman strap for me !!!

X-Mas is coming... and i am an idiot!!!!

Ohhhh my friends... i am such an idiot. Addicted.... restless again. The watches at Passion made me crazy. Arab dials,.. brown Daytona's. Such beauties. And i want one again!!!! A great 1675 UAE, brown Daytona or other rare watch. Want to add something special to my collection again. So i decided to sell the last 3 new watches again to get in position to act on a great Rolex, when it shows on my doorstep. Crazy! As the last ones where all great watches. Like the rare Panerai. Beauty PVD, tritium.... going up and up in value. But i am a sucker for Rolex... rare vintage Rolex. So also the 5513 and Lv will go.

Hope they will find good new homes.... and i will find my new grail before X-Mas. I want to wear it at X-Mas evening!
Please Santa... i was a real good boy this year!

Do you also share this crazy addiction...... the need to get a new fix... and rare watch???

More italian leather

As you have noticed i am on the leather road the last weeks. I received another gift from a great friend. An italian corduvan strap. Thinner, smoother leather. even more in proportion with the Daytona. More elegant. I really love the look of it.

What an result! Amazing...

One of the most amazing watches. A black Daytona Newman screwdown is already super rare. But in tropical brown... it's breathtaking, crazy,.. super dooper rare. And expansive. Sold yesterday at the auction in Geneva.... for 464.000 CHF, which makes it about 346.000 euro.

If only i had.... LOOOL!

Italian style... vintage Rolex going Panerai?!

Last year i have often seen some cool Italian straps on friends watches. Also at the Passion meeting. I feel they give a cool twist to the sportswatches. Something different for a while. Of course we love steel. But it's nice to change now and then. And why not. On forums people often state.. no use steel.. not original. But when we look at Panerai, people created a cult of changing, matching straps. Creating different styles with the same watch. And i think it's great for Rolex also. Mix and match. And you can get a new kick on your wrist now and then. Without keep buying watches ;-). Also a good tactic as finding new nice watches is getting harder and harder. Some images inside.

Hillary Tenzing Explorer.. another project from a friend

Like on the DeepSea Piccard i had the joy to shoot the images of the watch and goodies. And i have to admid. This project goes into details ... deep into details. His office looked like he is going to climb the Everest soon.

Some sapphire

Well i just wanted a nice sapphire Sub.. for swimming, rocking,... no worries. And like the looks of the LV. But then of course a real early one. Mk1 F-series, flat 4.

Day at the track

Yesterday i was invited for a RaceExperience by a client. What a blast.

Auction season...

Well almost auction season. Geneva auctions coming up. With some great looking pieces. I wish i would be there. But can't make it i am afraid. The auctions are always great fun. And good party ;-)
But another one is coming up also. Bonhams at 15th of December. And a 5512 3-6-9 Sub will be there.

2nd CWC SBS in da house

Another one came in. Newer version. 2001. So quite a couple...

WTB original owner vintage Rolex watches !!!!!

More and more i feel the need to find first owner watches (vintage Rolex). Watches with a personal history. Watches that have not been played with by dealers and other people. Unchanged time-capsules of vintage Rolex passion. They also give me that special feeling and emotional connection. Knowing, such watch was part of some ones life-story and not just a object of desire. Every watch tells it's story. And as i am so interested in stories i want to discover those treasures. And keep the story alive...

I hope to find some nice watches in the future! To cherish them in my collection!

So if you are the original owner of a vintage sports Rolex. And old Submariner, GMT, Seadweller or Daytona..... and you want to sell. Please let me know. Or maybe you know one for sale...

Please contact me > MAIL BERNHARD

Thanks for the help!!!


The Shelby

Nice article on a blog with Steve McQueen. And the Shelby Cobra.

The Selvedgeyard blog

Home of the Blog

Great watches from Passion meeting no.1 > BigCrowns

Here are some of the highlights from the passion meeting... Outstanding quality of BigCrowns!

SBS issued CWC diver... the follow-up of the 5517

Hereby i present you a very special and mysterious watch. The CWC SBS diver. Issued to the SBS and troops that went along in missions. These watches are still kind of a mystery. 

Passion 2010 meeting

Well my friends, it was again one big blast! The 2010 edition showed a new standard on quality to me. But  most important even more friendship. Just a report....

Coming up.... the 5517 follow-up watch

Next week i will do a post on a new watch. The CWC SBS-issued dive watch. A watch with a lot of mysterie around it.
Waiting for some more info...and...

Nice 5513 Maxi arrived

Just arrived. A nice 5513 Maxi. Cool patina and nice insert, Those basis submariners behold all the vintage Rolex passion.  I love faded...

Passion within 12 month...a great new calendar!

Well, normally i am not so into calendars.... but this one is great. About 8 month ago we spoke about his concept and it sounded so great. Now it is ready. Done by a passionate Rolex collector and high-class fashion photographer. Andreas you did a great job!!!

The info on the Montblanc pouch

I tried to find out more about it... but i guess i was lucky. I can't find anything on the website of Montblanc.
So all i have is a image of the sticker from the box. Maybe that helps?

Spam and commercial posts on my blog will be deleted!

This week i had some commercial posts on my blog by people trying to post links to their products, fake watch websites, etc...

I have put the blog on Moderartion status. So when you post a comment, i will have to aproav first before it will be posted. No worries. Of course i will approve on the good guys.

All commercial links will be deleted!

Tudor in tool-watch action

Well at least kind of. For me the Heritage Chrono looks best on the nato. It becomes a cool Toolwatch. Even a diving watch. And like that i wanted it for my holidays!

Even black'er ;-)

Just some cool shots... of the PVD 004A

Can you swim with a Patek 5970???

Yes you can LOOOOOL!... and now worries. It ain't me. But a crazy collector i had so much fun with during our stay in Mallorca.

Black Knight PAM 004A

After having owed several Panerai's in the past. Well even my first watch i bought when i started collecting was a Panerai. A fake one at first (from vintage dealer...not knowing...but that is a different story. And after that the first modern one. Later a have owned 2 127 Fiddies, 1938,.... But now... tritium did it for me. And Philipp and Bas helped me to get the right one! Paneristi here i come....

Mallorca part 1

It was such a great time on Mallorca... so great to spend 3 weeks with the family and be totally relaxed. What a beauty of an island and style there. Here are some first impressions... more to follow.

WTB a beautiful 5513 matte dial

I want to buy a real nice 5513 matte dial (prefer Maxi) again. So if you sell or know of a real nice one with real fat case (maybe even un-polished) and perfect dial (no problem with patina) pleeeaaassseeee let me know.

Back from my holiday

Sorry for the low on posting lately. I was so busy at work and just back of my 3 weeks holiday. Will make a report soon.

Black on brown

Also a nice combination. Black Daytona on brown leather. ('click 'read more' to see more images)

Some lazy Sunday Sigma shots

Some extra images of the 6263 Sigma. After a good party last night.... today is a lazy Sunday.

The search has been finished

At one moment you ask yourself... if to buy a Porsche again. Or to live the passion for the watches. ANd save the fuel and service costs LOOL!... Well it became... the watch.

Search still goes on

Well... last week was a rollercoaster... some nice trip,.. nice friends... bad news... good news... question if to buy a Porsche again.. which one... nice wheels in London...

And the search for a great 6263/65 Sigma dial Daytona still goes on. Maybe sooon... pleeeaaaasssseee!

Enjoy your week! What are you looking for??????????
And don't forget... in the new set-up 'Read more' will bring you to extra images..

Pick-up at the airpoort

At the Comex meeting a friend brought a very nice watch-case. Just for 2 watches. But elegant and thin. We had a talk about it. And he was told it was a dealers present, not for sale. So on my way home ... at Brussels airport my eyes felt on the display and what did i see...... i could not resist! ;-)

My Tudor Heritage review

Here we go.. after wearing it for almost a week and looking at more details, here is what i think of it.
Also you will find many images!

Comex meeting 2010

Again this year there was a special Comex meeting. A GTG of great Comex freaks and friends. Special people with the crazy Comex bugg. Looking for a place to celebrate their passion and talk engravings and provenance all day long.

Tudor Heritage mystic magic

Just some new images. I love all those details. This watch loves the camera!

Tudor Homeplate old and new

The old one and new one next to each other.

Tudor Heritage Chrono one of the first... I LOVEEE it!!!

Well i was lucky. Got the phonecall today. I guess one of the first as i have not seen any post's about arrival yet. Maybe i have the best AD in the world!! Big thanks to them. Here it is. ANd to be true... it's the coolest NEW watch i know. Great details and look of quality. But also such a great vintage style. This will be my summer watch. Tomorrow it might even see some pool time. I am so happy... will do more report later. The nato strap looks so great with the watch. And i feel it is a match out of heaven!

Side by side

My 2 GMT's. Each very special. 1 tropical....the other redhand. I love these details.

I am feeling blue

After a really bad beginning of the week at the office my perfect consolation patch arrived today.

Some style of today

Ahhh loosing some wight and nice weather. Summer style with Lanvin, tropical GMT and short shirts.

Not a regulateur, but a dump-valve

On VRF and the bay i have seen this one often seen advertised as a regulateur. But that is a mistake. This is a Comex-Pro dumpvalve. It is used for evacuating to the outside of the hyperbaric chamber the oxygen-rich mixtures breathed during decompression or therapeutic treatment. It's purpose is to prevent oxygen build-up in the atmospehe of the chamber, thus minimizing fire risks.

Changed the blog a bit...

I changed the blog a bit.... so it will be easier to scroll and images will be bigger in the future. Therefore i will do the posts with one 'bigger' image and an introduction as an intro. And with the link 'READ MORE' you will be able to see the complete post after clicking it.
So i can upload more images for each post and images will be bigger. I hope you will enjoy the changes.

I am also looking if i will change the blog from google-blog to another version. With more options. Will keep you all posted.

Match made in heaven

Yeahhhh after some search. Finally i found the perfect bezel for my 5512 tropical. Such an amazing combination. Can't get hold of the true colours in the image. Brown/greenish, as the dial. And so cool... as the dial has a gradient, the inlay has i also.
The inlay is a super fat font typography. Which is very, very rare. I was told there might be a military connection in them but nobody knows. I am so happy...

WTB a nice watch

Woooow it's hard to find a real nice watch these days. I am searching for something real nice like a 6265 black (sigma, papers not needed) or 1675 UAE (maybe even blue bezel). But finding something with a good case, great dial ... mhhhhhh. Would love to find one with the early mk1 pushers. Even 6240 kind of pushers. Or something else special with great character ...ahhhhh collecting watches is pure stress LOOOOOOOL.

Maybe you know of something special?

Lazy Sunday morning

A friend was just over. And as it goes,.. talking about faded inlays, changing bracelets,.. talking forums and watches. And his quest for a real nice 7928 Tudor gilt/pointed sub. Why,.. why not. What else. Which one. Isn't it typical and nice. Those little meetings with friends. And makes you smile on a sunny early and lazy Sunday morning. Enjoy your weekends.

And ... when you know a real nice 7928...let me know ;-)

5513 love...

Just a nice image.... we are so lucky!

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