SOLD Seadweller 1665 Lifestyle package

As i wrote before. I love to combine some great watches and some cool lifestyle items. And i am happy to let go of some of them. Like this one. Great looking white Rolex Seadweller 1665. A great white from 1983/84. Fantastic dial, nice case... and some cool stuff with it. Well let's have the images do the talking... SOLD

I am always looking for nice watches!

16800 matte Submariner Lifestyle package

Here is another one. Ohh this is so much fun. Feels like a child in the Candyshop! Cool stuff around. This watch is a super daily wearer. Comes on a Shell Cordovan nato. The matte dial is perfect and gives that great transitional quality of vintage look/feel and modern easy to use... i wear it everywhere quality. 

My first gold Rolex

Well i blame it on Steve!! We all do...
But also after seeing great DayDates on the last 2 Passion events and owning a couple of Datejust over the years.. the DayDate started to stick on me. A couple of times i was at the point of buying on or mailing a seller on VRF over the last year. My heart was stolen by a whitegold Stella (green) about 2 years ago. But they have become so expansive i past on them. I kept looking. 

Essence of vintage Rolex

Maybe i showed you to many watches and many thoughts on why i love vintage Rolex so much already. But this one i surly want to share with you! I am not into this because of mechanics, technical issues of wristwatches. But because of design, lifestyle and most important the feeling of wearing something with meaning on your wrist. A piece that will be part of your life and history. Will meet the important moments in your life and will past them on. And often might show them by scratches, patina etc. Something i might be able to past on to my kids. 
But i also love vintage Rolex because everytime i put on a vintage watch i realize that the watch already has seen a life. Uhhh how many stories small and big could it tell... imagination is a mighty tool LOOL!

Another lifestyle package... Zenith Daytona

Well you have seen my last post and how i think about stuff.... here is another lifestyle combination. Hope you like it...

Rolex lifestyle > watch and more

Well... how to put it. When you have been reading my blog you know i am not into Rolex or watches because of the technical part or movements etc. I love the lifestyle of (vintage) watches. The combination of beauty. In art, design, goodies, bags, fashion,.. and watches. And mainly the combination of them. Also i am wearing 50 year old watches... i don't wear cloth like this etc. 

Some black and white porn

It's been a couple of years that i first have owned a white 16520 Rolex Daytona. Back then it was a E-series. This week i am the happy camper to wear a L-series 1989 version. With the rare 225-bezel. 4 lines dial. I passed on them for years. But have to be honest... woow it's a sexy beast! And nicer then the modern version in my opinion. Even if it's only with me for a short while.. as i will pass it on.. it's a great joy to wear it and shoot it. 

A cool watch...

Well i never was a fan of the Explorer II. But with the right styling it is quite a cool watch! Here are some images... also in research for my new project.

Some Lifestyle .... Bags

The last year or two i am not just into the collecting of watches but also more and more into 'lifestyle' around it. Searching straps, fashion etc.. all kind of things that connect our 'private' world we enjoy. For me it's also guitars and in the past vintage furniture. In the future i might have some great news that will connect these worlds even more. But for now i want to show you my new bag.  Made with 100percent Passion.

Milsub strap update

A littel update on the Milsub strap issue. On one of the forums my strap was discussed. And one of the posters commented that Phoenix straps are still making those straps. As they where the suppliers for the MOD. Well i ordered one as i wanted to compare them. 

Some more Passion 2012 images...

Here are some more images of the Passion Meeting by a friend....

The Maastricht Meeting 2012 (Passion)

THE MAASTRICHT MEETING of passionate Collectors 2012 has been a blast. What more to ask for then so great company of new and old friends, fantastic/mindblowing watches, 26-29 degrees and SUN… so much SUN!!!!
This year was the 5th edition of the Passion meeting. Crazy how time goes by. And a moment of reflection to Philipp and me.

The ultimate 5512 tropical porn

Ohhh we just had our Passion meeting 2012... and i will do a post on it tomorrow. But this image will never leave my eye.... the ultimate 5512 tropical porn!

Some Tudor porn... and a great blog.

Well these are so nice watches. You might have seen my review on the Heritage Chrone. Here you see where it is all based on. This great vintage Homplate Tudor Chrono. When you are into Tudor... i have some news for you. A friend started a great blog about Tudor. TUDOR COLLECTOR... have a look....

The golden era of vintage Rolex

I love these watches. So often we see people chaise 'grails' of the vintage Rolex world. I have done it, been there. Have owned almost all the grails i wished for. But after 6 years of roller-coaster and a more 'mature' look on our hobby i stepped away from the 'reference' rush. And i am more and more focused on sexy watches. With character. This is hell of a beauty....

I love the sun

Not only for great fun times outside. But i also love the sun for making this Speedmaster go POP! I have owned a couple of nice Speedmasters in the past. Also tropical ones. But this one is the nicest yet. The dial is so fantastic! Just amazing... and the inlay fits so nice. The bracelet is a rare old expansion version! Great style and nice to wear something different then Rolex from day to day. So let's have a indian summer full of sun!

A rare nato strap > NOS authentic Milsub strap

Well when going through my stuff today i found something real special. What is so special about a nato strap... which almost looks like the 15 USD straps from e-bay, you would think. Well there is a big difference.. i will tell you.

Just the 2 of us...

Maybe some of you have kids and a busy life.  Well we have 3 kids and way to little moments for just the 2 of us. As much as we love to be together with the family. There always have to be those special moments... just the 2 of us.
Last weekend we had the chance... and my wife surprised me with the sudden idea to hit and run for the beach. 250 km drive... but such treat. And '2 watches' enjoyed that special summer feeling. Tropical brown fun... at a nice beach club at the Dutch coast...

Needed some vintage today!

After almost 3 weeks of sapphire fun i needed a plexi back on my wrist. With some style.. and as it was hidden for a while it felt like falling in love again. Nothing beats the style and class of a vintage Daytona and Newman.

114060 put to the test

Well, someone has to do it. It's a hard life as blogger. Getting a new tool-watch. And then sitting here at home... testing. It just does not work. So you have to leave and test the watch to what nature and man have to offer... in name of watch-science.
A 2 weeks endurance test...

My Rolex 114060 Submariner review

As promissed... here is my review of the new Rolex 114060 Submariner... read my first experience and how i feel about this new Rolex model. How it compares to older models.
More to follow the next weeks as i will put it to the summer-test.
Click the images and i hope you enjoy..

The NEW 114060 in da house!

Woow... to be honest. It's really nice! 4 line pure toolwatch pleasure.

36 and 37 mm...

Just some images of them together...

Screwdown love.. my new baby

Just got a new Daytona baby... full package.. box, paperwork, even the sticker. But more important... perfect dial.

Daytona meeting

Yesterday a nice German collector visited Maastricht and invited me to have a drink in the afternoon. And also Philipp joined in ... for a short but nice talk and drink.

A nice escape

Well some non-watch content. But very much needed....

Fashion and vintage Rolex/watches

When i visited hip Paris lately i was a bit surprised. In the cool boutiques of Le Marais you could not only find some great shoes and cloth. But also they where often combined with some vintage (style) watches on a Nato strap.

New boots.. Trickers in da house from Mr. Cool

Big thanks to Mr. Cool. NEW boots in da house (Rolex and fashion)

Back to 36 mm

Well after hunting Rolex sportswatches for some years now i am back to the beginning.

A great gift for my grail

As you have seen, this one is my dad's watch and my biggest grail. And it became even better.. as a friend send me a amazing gift...

Tudor.... bad and not bad...

Tudor shows 2 sides....

Basel 2012.... like the new sub

Well the rest i better don't start on... but the new Non-Date-Sub i like.

A good friend just bought the ultimate Rolex Submariner

Almost to good to be true... like in a dream.
All you could ever want in a Bigcrown...

A very British Passion

Mike Wood invited us for a very british version of meeting passionate watch-nuts.

My biggest grail of all !!!!

Dear friends,... i have been quite as i am mostly hold up in business lately.
But also because i did not buy a lot of watches the last month.

But i just got a 'new' grail for X-Mas.

An all time classic

Well at the end of the day.. you can't do without a Speedmaster. Fantastic watches for the money. 

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