Love in detail part 1

As we run,.. we often forget to look slow. That is why i like to shoot watches. You get the time to cherish the details. The perfection of the design and the timeless beauty. Like the shape of a 6262. The sigma dial graphics,... the fonts of an insert. Little details ... yeahhhh it's all about details.

Modern simplicity

I don't like the modern Rolex watches.... except 1. The 14060 4 lines is a ultra cool watch.
Reduced to the max. And still holds a almost 60 years tradition of the ultimate toolwatch.

Coool bike

For the McQueen fans and 5512 passionisties. What a cool bike. Just spotted it on another forum. If i would buy a bike... that would be the one! A replica of Mcqueen's Metisse Desert Racer. Love it!

From the Archive... Classics

Next to my vintage Rolex passion i am also in love with vintage design classics. I guess as many of us... the passion reaches beyond watches. A lot of you might also be collecting art, cigars, wine, fountain pens, cars,... As i guess collecting is a wider scope. A way of looking against things. Against details, emotion and design. For me these old pieces tell stories which fill a room. Even when only 1 piece might be around. As for the watches... they make me feel real warm. Pure pleasure!... and of course eye-candy.
And as for the Submariner... great design last for years, years,.. no decades. And still looks fresh and exciting!

WTB perfect 1675 GMT

Well maybe a strange post.... but after 2 years of GMT-less Life,... and looking at some real nice ones from friends lately... i am back for a real nice GMT. For the perfect GMT! Nothing special... well FAP for normal money would be ok LOOL!... just a perfect unpolished one. With mint dial. Of course good condition and everything matching,... This image of a friends watch... that is my picture on the wall to compare with. I love that looks of the case and dial. A bit more white is also nice. So maybe you know one? Please let me know. And thanks for your help to get me my own special X-mas present;-)

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