Some vintage Icons... Rolex and Louis Vuitton

Here a little impression of these 2 icons of classic style. The Louis Vuitton Keepball and a killer brown dial Datejust.

Full leather nato strap porn

For you who are following me you know i am a big lover of changing straps and styles on the watches. Simple as can be.. 20 seconds and your watch has a new look and some new fun on the wrist. So i build a nice collection of straps... today i want to show you some of the straps i like.. and the look of an vintage Rolex on a cool leather nato strap...

Grahame Fowler on Hodinkee (Video)

Dear friends... we are pleased to see Hodinkee is showing the magic and passion of Grahame Fowler and his love for issued watches with great history. He is not only a great collector with some cool taste for watches but also a friend to us.
Look at the featured strap rolls in the video. And some of the other products in his shop... available also at Bulang & Sons...

Simplicity shows such a beauty

Simplicity can be so beautiful. After hunting so many grail watches over the years these simple beauties   touch my eyes ...

The Ultimate matte dial Submariner...

Do you like the classic Rolex 1680 Submariner? Or the 5512 Maxi Mk1? How about all in one...

Simplicity is such a beauty......

Dear friends.. after years of REFERENCE HUNT... i more and more just love beautiful watches. And this one i really like. Simple. Perfect balanced design.. but nice in details. Sigma GLOSS black dial. So nice.... 

Passion Meeting 2013 was such a blast

Just a short intro and first images... as i have to leave for meetings and have to get the website Bulang & Sons up this week.
But Passion 2013 was another blast! Crazy! Cool.. Fun.. and so many nice people and watches.

Sneak preview ... B&S Lifestyle shoot

Here you get a little sneak preview from the Lifestyle Shoot i had last week...

Diversity of Rolex style...

The design of Rolex (vintage) is such timeless classic that just by changing the accessories the style changes. The watch always holds his ground. But your mood can swing from classic on whitegold/steel bracelet... to preppy like the style here.. but also....

Some more vintage love...

After a little search i found the car matching my idea for the B&S shoot. The next year this will be my little prop for the shoots and driving partner for some nice rides. I like the understatement and 'pure' looks of it. Special on the interior.

Building up... cool straps just arrived

As i am building up to get the store online about end of this month... new products and stuff is coming in. Day by day. So exciting to get it all together! It's always an adventure to start a new business! Exciting and full of creativity. In this blog i will just keep you updated with my personal route.
To keep this blog personal... all sales will be in the new webshop soon. You can always mail me with questions.

5512 is back..

The 5512 is just back from the Spa.. with some better hands. Now it's perfect. What a blast! So much sex on the wrist.

My frist bike project finished...

My frist bike project is finished. And my urban city bike ready to bring me to meetings, friends and have some workout. I am very happy with the result... and will do some more in the future. The old frame and parts are all cleaned and replaced where needed. So now it's a full fun driving bike. With patina...

GMT party.. what a trio

It's summer. What better watch then a GMT to have fun with. Here is a little trio. Amazing watches. One with crazy patina.. one with fat Maxi indexes... and 1 with a killer brown dial. What a trio! 

Another 5513 Maxi

Maxi dial Submariners have so many faces. I have seen and owned many over the years. Every one has it's own magic. And here is another one with a special look.

Yeahhhh first stuff coming in....

 The first series of products for my new company is just coming in. Amazing stuff. I will sell products from a great guy in New York. Grahame Fowler. And create some cool stuff with him together. Which will be sold in packages and loose in the webshop in the near future. Here on the blog i only want to share the process with you my friends. 

Maxi...Maxi... I love it.

I already showed you some nice Maxi dials here. And you know i love them. This one is even rarer. Maxi Mk1 5512 Submariner.  And look at this case. What makes it even more special is the patina. Hard to catch.. Camel/sand/orange/brownish. And the inlay is black/purple/brownish. Amazing!

Lifestyle project in process

One of my first lifestyle projects is to pimp this bike i bought off the street. To try to make something nice out of it. Urban fun bike with patina. An old racing bike frame.. and add a bit of style.
It will be posing in photo shoots for Bulang & Sons and maybe end up in a nice package with a watch ;-)

London Calling... Rolex friends meeting.

This week we had a great meeting in London. 

Pure red... Pure Rolex.

The last month i bought and sold some watches. Enjoying the fun of some differnt 'taste' on the wrist. The fire is back on again. But what i also enjoyed was wearing those pure watches. Honest cases... pure.

Watches with attitude

As you know i am a non-date Sub lover. And for sure when they show some character and attitude. And a great case...

A killer beauty

Lately this killer beauty passed by.  With such a killer dial. Just amazing. Normally i am not to much into gilt GMT as i don't like the deep yellow/gold print with pepsi. But this one had the silverfish/gold fresh print. Just popped into you eyes. Enjoy the images...

Spring need some color

You have seen i like nato straps. We have all done it on submariners and gmt's. But what i like is to also some funky straps to more classical watches. A 36 mm Day-Date becomes more cool and fashionable to my like this. Personal taste of course.

The Camaro family

Well this morning i had some time to shoot the Camaro family. As a friend stated... a undervalued classic chrono. Real beauty in style for me. Kind of 70th but still timeless today.

Some great help...

Hi to you all.. as some of you might have seen.. i got myself back into vintage Heuer also.. after pulling the trigger on the 1133B. But also after my dad gave me his longtime watch.. silver dial Heuer Camaro... i wanted a black version of it also.

Found another great Maxi dial GMT

Last Sunday i was at the D├╝sseldorf watchfair in Germany. Uhhhh only minor quality. But this one called me. As it was sitting on the wrist of an old dealer couple. He did not wanted to sell. Took 10 minutes and a lot of charme to talk him out of it...

All time classic.. 6263 Panda. Back to the roots part 3

Here i am happy to show you an all time classic. Such a stylish looking watch. No need to be bigger. Just perfect...

SOLD Day Date Oxblood Red Stella 1970 Ref.1803

I am selling this fantastic oxblood red stella dial Day-Date 1803.

Some Maxi / Filson Lifestyle

Have been buying some more Filson bags .. mostly older used ones. This one has some cool tweed.. and what a cool style watch the vintage Submariner is. You can wear it with everything...

Back to the roots part 2

Simply... i love Maxi Mk1 5513 Submariners. Nothing beats that dial for a 5513. I had 2 before... and now it's back again.

Back to the roots part 1

Well do you also have the feeling we are cruising in circles? I do.. and i love it. When i started in watches i started with some classics. Like Speedmaster, Patek etc.. and the Heuer Monaco. More then 6 years ago. And here i am again...

Friends with great taste

Last night we had a little meeting with some friends from Germany. Just a small group. But people with not only great passion and all relaxed attitude. But also such great taste in watches. In style.. in quality and in character of the watches. All great cases and dials around. So much fun guys ... i love it every time we meet.

Day-Date Mania...

Uhhh never thought the day-date would hit me this hard!
What a cool watch. And as one of them is leaving me today i could not resist to make this images. 3 killer day-dates together. 3 times the same reference and still 3 total different styles. 

SOLD > 1675 GMT

Another one for sale. This time a nice and cool looking 1675 GMT. Pure lifestyle.  WATCH IS SOLD. BUT MORE WILL FOLLOW anD I AM ALWAYS LOOKING FOR NICE WATCHES!

Day-Date with a twist

As you could see the widebody Day-Date looks very cool with the camo nato. But i also wanted to show you how it looks on the wrist. And add some extra lifestyle to it... here you go.. cool stuff.

Double Trouble... Day-Date time

Here you see some Day-Date love in combination with a vintage Filson bag. What a great style combination! A friend sold me a great Filson bag for daily work. But the vintage travel bag is ├╝bercool. More images will follow...

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