A cool watch...

Well i never was a fan of the Explorer II. But with the right styling it is quite a cool watch! Here are some images... also in research for my new project.

Some Lifestyle .... Bags

The last year or two i am not just into the collecting of watches but also more and more into 'lifestyle' around it. Searching straps, fashion etc.. all kind of things that connect our 'private' world we enjoy. For me it's also guitars and in the past vintage furniture. In the future i might have some great news that will connect these worlds even more. But for now i want to show you my new bag.  Made with 100percent Passion.

Milsub strap update

A littel update on the Milsub strap issue. On one of the forums my strap was discussed. And one of the posters commented that Phoenix straps are still making those straps. As they where the suppliers for the MOD. Well i ordered one as i wanted to compare them. 

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