Spam and commercial posts on my blog will be deleted!

This week i had some commercial posts on my blog by people trying to post links to their products, fake watch websites, etc...

I have put the blog on Moderartion status. So when you post a comment, i will have to aproav first before it will be posted. No worries. Of course i will approve on the good guys.

All commercial links will be deleted!

Tudor in tool-watch action

Well at least kind of. For me the Heritage Chrono looks best on the nato. It becomes a cool Toolwatch. Even a diving watch. And like that i wanted it for my holidays!

Even black'er ;-)

Just some cool shots... of the PVD 004A

Can you swim with a Patek 5970???

Yes you can LOOOOOL!... and now worries. It ain't me. But a crazy collector i had so much fun with during our stay in Mallorca.

Black Knight PAM 004A

After having owed several Panerai's in the past. Well even my first watch i bought when i started collecting was a Panerai. A fake one at first (from vintage dealer...not knowing...but that is a different story. And after that the first modern one. Later a have owned 2 127 Fiddies, 1938,.... But now... tritium did it for me. And Philipp and Bas helped me to get the right one! Paneristi here i come....

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