X-Mas is coming... and i am an idiot!!!!

Ohhhh my friends... i am such an idiot. Addicted.... restless again. The watches at Passion made me crazy. Arab dials,.. brown Daytona's. Such beauties. And i want one again!!!! A great 1675 UAE, brown Daytona or other rare watch. Want to add something special to my collection again. So i decided to sell the last 3 new watches again to get in position to act on a great Rolex, when it shows on my doorstep. Crazy! As the last ones where all great watches. Like the rare Panerai. Beauty PVD, tritium.... going up and up in value. But i am a sucker for Rolex... rare vintage Rolex. So also the 5513 and Lv will go.

Hope they will find good new homes.... and i will find my new grail before X-Mas. I want to wear it at X-Mas evening!
Please Santa... i was a real good boy this year!

Do you also share this crazy addiction...... the need to get a new fix... and rare watch???

More italian leather

As you have noticed i am on the leather road the last weeks. I received another gift from a great friend. An italian corduvan strap. Thinner, smoother leather. even more in proportion with the Daytona. More elegant. I really love the look of it.

What an result! Amazing...

One of the most amazing watches. A black Daytona Newman screwdown is already super rare. But in tropical brown... it's breathtaking, crazy,.. super dooper rare. And expansive. Sold yesterday at the auction in Geneva.... for 464.000 CHF, which makes it about 346.000 euro.

If only i had.... LOOOL!

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