The Iranian Milsub !!!

Dear friends, i am proud to present you one of the rarest Milsubs i know off....
The Iranian Milsub. As far as the story goes about 10 where delivered to Iran. But till today only 1 has popped up and according to Rolex this is the only one which reached Rolex for service back again. I am so happy a friend allowed me to share it here on my blog.

But first things first. In the 70th the Sjah of Perzia Mohammad Reza Shah ruled Iran. At that time he as also the Sultanate of Oman and others used British (EX) SAS and SBS commando's to train their elite troops. Like units of the Imperial Iranian Army. Training - SBS teams passed on their expertise to cold war allies and strategic friends. Amongst those instructed included the U.S. Navy Seals and the Sha of Iran's Naval Special Forces (which where under command of the Army). These where days of high pressure in the middle-east... terrorisme, Munich, oil-crisis, ...

When those SBS officers came into the country they brought their gear with them. And also their Milsub's.
And the Iranian's wanted the same type of equipment and therefore a very small procurement of watches were ordered from Bexley, and this Iranian order of Milsubs was bolted on to a British consignment. They where not issued by the MOD but ordered at Rolex Bexley directly.

This watch has the same characteristics as the Milsub's issued to the MOD. Only the engraving of the caseback is different. About the engraving their is still research to be done. As it is differs from the British style. Look at the second hand. It's different then those we normally see. I have seen more of the Milsub's fitted with them. And the general feeling is they are replacement. But don't look like Omega hands (often used as replacement). When you think, that this watch lived far away from the English issued watches and did not reach Rolex service in the past. It is a detail which opens questions. Where there more second hand versions? Or did the Iranian Army have watchmakers who fit the same replacement hand then the English MOD.... Who knows?! Still a lot to discover! That's what makes this kind of watches so interesting. An ongoing research.

What makes this story so unique..... is that Rolex confirmed the delivery to Iran. Including the serial numbers! Hudson letter with this one.

All together this is a very interesting watch to me. The only one we know off till today!
Maybe we will find another one some day. And more of the details will become more clear. But i hope my friend will never part from this one!
The full history is still in research. Hoping we will find out more.

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  1. WOW!!


  2. amazing B. congrats to you for getting so close to this watch and congrats to the owner.
    FK (London).

  3. Incredible watch! Thanks for sharing. I hope you'll find out more anytime soon.


  4. Great story and quite the premiere for this great blog of yours Bernhard!

    Keep the exclusives coming ! :-)

    Ciao, D


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