Rolex and style.. LV bag

Well i am not a guy who likes logo's on the outside of my cloth. I rather prefer fine material, great design,.. but don't want to walk around as an advertisement -board. But this series of LV makes me break the rules. I love the black-grey understatement look. Also it's a complete overkill of branding.... i love it. And can't help myself. And this bag has some vintage style to me. Perfect with vintage Rolex! ANd funny... people often ask me if i am going to the supermarket LOOOOL!

The community is great!!!

Philipp and i had a sudden idea.. after someone asked if he could buy a PASSION meeting t-shirt. They are not for sale, as they are only in the goddie-bag for the friends at the meeting. But it was a start of... why don't sell the onces we had left for a good course. And sell them to help people in Haiti. And we asked our VRF friends to start bid bid on them And only 24 hours later... most have been sold. Only a view left and more then 850 euro already collected! Wooaaaawwwwww!
What a great community! So now.... we have to find the right organisation to send the money (hoping for more then 1100 euro) to. Maybe you have a suggestion. We want to get close to helping the individual people as possible!

Talking about heritage... PANAM

Yes PANAM is also a part of Rolex. And played a big role in the history of the GMT. I am not a pilot, so i can't comment on the importance of such a watch in the 50th and 60/70th. But for sure the combination of red and blue,... pilots in uniforms and stewardesses giving that extra smile shaped a era. And shaped a image. Also the days of new worlds to explore. In times when you did not just hop on EasyJet to do some shopping in Milan.. or a weekend NewYork. In an era after the big wars when people started to live an new life and widen their horizon. When flying became reality for more and more people. And pilots where still kind of adventurers. I only had the negative privilege to fly with PANAM once... end of the 80'ies. And it was an disaster! Overboeked flight from Miami to NewYork. Missed our flight then to Europe and the only thing we received was a big moth and bad service. Even with business-class tickets. So i guess maybe the downfall of PANAM has a reason... but sure it was an icon of an era. And the identity is still strong. Who does not know the building... logo..

Comex image of the day 01

Just a cooooooool image!

New Rolex website

Rolex now uses it's history and heritage in the new website. Which makes it much cooler. And in my humble opinion the brand much stronger! As it's heritage is the bubble on which it rides the waves. And i love it!

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