The NEW Tudor homeplate

Wauw just wauuuwwww. I need one of those! In vintage such a cool beast as i had one for a while. But now with the black dial.... yeahhhhhhh!!!

The new Rolex Explorer 3

Yeahhh... first i was waiting for the new Submariner. Maybe he one modern Rolex i would like to buy. But looking at the Explorer 3. Well the new Sub can't beat the vintage ones. But the new Explorer looks ultra cool. Very close to my former Blackout... but just bigger. But not to big! Really a nice watch. Maybe the one to buy!

Comex porn....

Just received this porthole... coool decoration! And it;s heavy!!!!!

Lanvin again

Yesterday i was at the opening of the summer season of one of my favourite fashion shops... Prada, Dolce&Gabbana, Etro, Moncler (nice coates!!!), DSquared and Lanvin. I love Lanvin!!! ANd a friend asked me a while ago about these 'green' shoes... so when the new collection was there... and in his size... he could not resist! Next week he will be a happy man. And Lanvin has such a cool sneaker collection this year! I settled for an polo from Lanvin... at least with a print of the shoes on it ;-)

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