WTB a nice watch

Woooow it's hard to find a real nice watch these days. I am searching for something real nice like a 6265 black (sigma, papers not needed) or 1675 UAE (maybe even blue bezel). But finding something with a good case, great dial ... mhhhhhh. Would love to find one with the early mk1 pushers. Even 6240 kind of pushers. Or something else special with great character ...ahhhhh collecting watches is pure stress LOOOOOOOL.

Maybe you know of something special?

Lazy Sunday morning

A friend was just over. And as it goes,.. talking about faded inlays, changing bracelets,.. talking forums and watches. And his quest for a real nice 7928 Tudor gilt/pointed sub. Why,.. why not. What else. Which one. Isn't it typical and nice. Those little meetings with friends. And makes you smile on a sunny early and lazy Sunday morning. Enjoy your weekends.

And ... when you know a real nice 7928...let me know ;-)

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