An amazing collectors package

We are happy to be able to present you another serious vintage classic. These days an hard to find Rolex 1680 mtr’s first Red Submariner. And we are able to present it to you in an amazing collectors package with an full set of box, papers, hangtag, booklet and even the rare cigar card. How often do you still find packages like that.


As an avid watch collector and blogger, I have written extensively on the iconic vintage chronographs such as the Rolex Daytona (including the ‘Paul Newman’), Jean-Claude Killy, Tudor Homeplates, early Omega Speedmasters and Heuers. The Rolex Daytona ‘Paul Newman’ has always been a ‘grail’ watch and a watch I really enjoyed owning. Go to any vintage Rolex meeting or follow any high quality watch auction and they will always be the Kings!

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Review is live...

Well dear watch lovers another Tudor Heritage review at Bulang & Sons.This time we are looking at the Tudor Heritage Black Bay > Blue Bay. And what a great watch it is. For me, this should be the NEXT James Bond watch...

In part 2 of our NEW Tudor Ranger review we too the watch out of the studio and wanted to share with you how cool it looks on the wrist. No matter if you take it out to the Wild… or wear it for your modern Urban Survival. It looks cool in every situation.

The NEW Tudor Ranger review.. Live at B&S

The review of the NEW Tudor Ranger is live at Bulang&Sons... check out for more reviews and articles out online magazine.

The Tudor MN article... IS LIVE

Live in our online Magazine at Bulang & Sons...
The Tudor MN article. Sharing the passion and latest insights about these great watches and their history...
In collaboration with our friend an B&S team member Ross Povey (Mr. Tudor).

The Paul Newman Straps are live

Years ago when i bought my first Rolex Daytona Paul Newman i wanted such strap. As i was so in love with this looks on all these well know images Paul Newman wearing his famous watch. I not only loved his style, but also loved that these straps with the underlining fit great with an modern style of mens fashion. A bit of an rebel style added to an classic watch. As i love the contrast.

Finally we are able to offer it to you... the latest product from B&S + JPM. The famous Paul Newman Strap.

Ross Povey in the House...

Last weekend Ross Povey visited me and my family. As we had so much to talk about. Ross is joining the team of Bulang & Sons and we hope to be able to spread our love for vintage watches, Rolex, Tudor and the lifestyle around collection much more to an wider audience. Much, much more to come soon. But first some watch fun we had during the visit...

The London Issued Meeting 2014

I am just back from another great event. The London Issued Rolex / Tudor meeting. And what a blast it was..

Tudor is alive... Snowflake

Fresh from the press we got images from Ross Povey and Hodinkee, which are at the Basel watch fair and had a intimate preview hosted by Tudor themselves.

Glory to the 5513 Submariner

As i just picked up an amazing gilt sub for my collection and this 5513 is in the stable of Bulang & Sons i could not resist to shoot the couple.

Some blue for me...

Just back to Tudor.... after my Heritage Chrono review still gets so many views i had the fun to buy some Tudor again. A blue one... and some snowflakes.

Tudor Love... Collaboration with Ross Povey (

Tudor Power DUO 01

In a collaboration between Ross Povey we are happy to present you 2 great looking classic gilt dial Tudor Submariners and add some information and love for those great and often underrated watches.
They just look awesome on the wrist. Great style and classic warm looks … a great watch to get into vintage Rolex/Tudor collecting.

Cool straps on Chronographs Part1 > Speedmaster

Today i want to show you some nice style that might not been so widely known for most people. Of course most Speedmaster lovers will have seen it. It's an funky style. But not only that. It was even worn in space like that.

Bella Italia... Bella Lucca

In november i visited the beautiful Tuscany area of Lucca to visit the great craftsmen who creates the B&S straps. Pure passion for leather and great life. Thats what you feel all around you.

Vintage Heuer Carrera

An vintage icon i have been looking at since the last years. As a chronograph lover the black dial Carrera was on my list for a while... but i was still chasing Rolex Daytona's. But i could not resist any longer.

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