Watches of Passion > 06 Black 6062 Rare !!!!!!

This was another of the ultra rare watches at Passion. Black 6062.

New straps in da house

I got a great present. Some new straps that are real cool.

Watches of Passion > 05 Square Crown Guard 5512

Another Killer watch of Passion. For me among the most amazing ones. Mint Square Crown Guard Submariner 5512.

Watches of Passion > 04 Killy Überporn

It's getting hard to talk about rare, when you see all those pile of watches. But believe me... those are rare. And so nice.

Watches of Passion > 03 Tropical porn

Tropical delight. Ohh men i love tropical. And those brown Daytona's are high, high on my wishlist. A full brown Daytona or camel colour as the right one. Would be my next grail.
But there where more fantastic brown dial watches at Passion this year. 

Watches of Passion > 02 Killer 6200

I guess you understand Passion 2011 was pure porn for us. Such great watches. Another amazing display was the show of 5 examples of 6200. Why rare.. lool they are! But just not at Passion 2011. And we had some of the nicest ones around.

Watch for diving

Maybe you have seen my post on semi vintage. Well i got me one. As the 1680 is so beautiful as is... the problem of finding a watch for the diving lessons with my son was still around. Now... here is the answer!

Watches of Passion > 01 NOS Heuer Monaco

At Passion there where so many great watches. Ultra rare.. rare... cool. Ultra nice. This was one of them. NOS vintage Heuer Monaco 'Steve Mc Queen'. With even the sticker on the backside. The case was so fresh. Mindblowing. This was the watch for me. It really kept me staring....

Passion meeting 2011 >>> It was amazing!

Another year gone by. Passion 2011 was another blast. So much relaxed fun and great watch talk. So many great watches. But not only like the hot grails of the month. In this group we see different style, different taste. Which makes it extra great. What we see are also great GMT's... but then with just the right patina, great case,  or little details.
As there was so much to see, in this post i will show you some images of the event. On later posts the next weeks i will focus on some of the watches and show some more detail and stories with it. 

All the difference in the detail... NEW Explorer tuned up.

How it looks with some extra TLC. Patina indexes and the Tudor strap...

Once in a lifetime!!! Grail 6200 got a great home!

You never know when and if. But that e-mail you always hope for in your collecting-passion always comes unexpected and by total surprise. Read this amazing story of connecting dreams!

Killer cooool Panerai calendar

Well... after i got the message of a friend.. i could not resist. When i had a look at the first image i was blown away.

New beater arrived

You might have witnessed my search for a beater watch. Well it arrived. And created a new problem LOOOL!

Chrono on nato

I don't know how it is for you. But i am a chrono lover. The vintage Daytona is the most beautiful watch on the planet. And they have so much style. Also on a steel bracelet. Great dress-watch. But what i also really like is wearing chrono's on a nato strap. Makes them look so cool. What do you think??

Semi vintage

As in my head there is the search for a beater.. which will swimm, tennis, dive and work in the garden LOOL. There is always the range of 16660 and 16800 on my mind. Saphire tough... matte dial with patina. This 666 once belonged to me. Just for a short while. As after wearing it for one week i could not get the sex out of it. Looked kind of dead. Mhhhhh..

Rolex'less Holiday

Just back from a 2 weeks holiday. At lake Geneva. Such a great area. 

Back from the Spa

It's back. And all i hoped for. I love this watch. But the case condition (also unpolished) always gave me a bit of down. I love those classical lugs. And wanted the case to be freshed up. 

Just was back in Geneva

I was just back in Geneva for 3 days. I have not seen anything of the city... then 150 mtr. boulevard. LOOL! But the trip was great with maybe a great future to come out of it. 

I just can't stop shooting this watch

Ohhh after more then 2 years. I am still in love for this stunner. I can't get enough of it. For me it's the total style queen of all times!

Collecting Rolex...

As the stats of my blog show, a lot of people who are interested into vintage Rolex are visiting this blog. A lot of people who are not into collecting vintage Rolex yet also. So for these people starting the love for this fantastic watches and hobby. Here is a little review on Mondani editore. They create a lot of great books. Which for me and a lot of other collectors where the starting point of their trip.

Geneva auctions

Dear friends. Sorry for so little content lately. I was so deep into deadlines and projects. But i want to share with you my trip to Geneva i had a couple of weeks ago. To the auction weekend. It was fantastic. With the Christies/HTE party, great watches and meeting a lot of great friends.

A rare bird

Here is a real rare bird. A UAE GMT.... with provenance.
Which is a real great find. Thanks for all the help my friends!

Knokke... girls wear Datejust

I was at Knokke beach the last days. A well needed break with the family. Sun... relaxed fun. And the funny thing was... that all the girls and woman there where wearing Rolex. Datejust.....

Strap fetish

Well lately i got a lot of questions about where to get those straps i am showing. As they where all presents from friends. I could not tell. The Shell Corduvan was a prototype... etc.
But now i found a nice place where to get some of these smooth leather nato straps. And i received 2 of them. They are real thin and made in Australia.

Cooool Antwerp

I love to visit cities. Not so much the old style, all perfect cities/part. But the cities, which are coming from a industrial past. Or have their problem area's. And often you see the change and most energy in those area's... when the creative industry is taking it's place. Often the first to start. Raw... 

The images for Christies

As you see below.. i had a small session of photography of the HTE watches for the Christies catalogue. May auction. And here are some of the results...

Old images....

Sometimes i scroll through Photobucket.. and then i see all thjose images. Images of great events,.. great people... and great moments in my collecting history. Vieuws from the past.

It's been a while

Since i was wearing my Comex. It slept in the dark for to long. So i had to take it and wear it again. Love this watch!

Day after... visit of a friend

The next day... with still a heavy, heavy head. A good friend visited me and my family. He was also at the event. So we could enjoy the lazy afternoon sun and the watches more in detail.

HTE meeting Maastricht (evening)

Well the evening wasn't about watches. But about passion, goals and reaching the peaks of life and the world. Philipp had Peter Hillary and Jamling Tenzing in Maastricht. To give a lecture about their achivements and their fathers concquest of Everest.

Old and new...

I guess you understand which i think looks 10x better.
Percy from R-L-X was one of the first to post images of the new Explorer 2. The new orange hand.
Well what to say. From this picture it looks like...

HTE meeting Maastricht (daytime)

The HTE event in Maastricht was a blast. For me personally. But also as event itself...

Shoot for Christies....

Last week i had a little shoot for Philipp's project. Images for the Christies auction in May. Great fun to do. ANd first time i used the software to shoot my Nikon D3 directly from the Macbook. Which gives you a great image of the result right away.

A trip needed...

Last weekend i was away with my wife. For a short trip. Just the 2 of us. Well needed after a lot of work and little time together. A friend adviced me this new hotel. In Bonn, Germany. It was fantastic!

Superlative APP

My friend Auro just made a great APP. His 100 Superlative Rolex Wateches book  is already fantastic. Gave me some great grail-sniffing times at home. Now i have those babies with me all the time...


And as you might have guessed it.... 1 guitar was not enough ;-) Needed something matching....


I picked up an old love of mine. 20 years ago i played for about 1 year. But quit then.. always felt sorry about it.
So i picked up on it again. Now with a private teacher. To do it right and keep rocking this time.
But what makes it also so great. I see so much of the same passion in both world.
Both find their design in the 50th.. and still hold their magic till today.

19th of March. Big Rolex-Event in Maastricht JOIN!!

Philipp is pulling off a great event. A event about the Mount Everest expedition and watches. But also about collecting vintage Rolex. It will be held in a fantastic place in Maastricht. Real amazing atmosphere. And with drinks and dj after the presentations. Special presentations about collecting vintage Rolex (also presentation of watches)... and the son's of Tensing and Hillary will be there and give a lecture... Well see the invitation from in this post for more info and how to join the gang. As it will be quite a big event. Which you should not miss.

A drink with some friends

Today i had a short break from the office. Some friends came over and we had a great chat. Philipp had a lot to tell. Wooow it will be a hot spring ahead. More about that later. But always great when we meet my friends. And great passion and watches to share. Thanks! I needed that break!

5510 on big logo bracelet

Sorry for being not so active. I was so busy at work. 14-16 hours a day...
But want to show you my 5510 with the right bracelet now. With 65 endlinks... and a real rare claps.
A big logo claps from '59 is already rare. But this is the matte version. Got it from a friend.
And he and i have only seen 3-4 of them till now...

A big thank YOU!!!!

Woow... i am surprised! Just looked at some numbers and statistics of the blog. And i am totally amazed.
Seems that the last 6 month this blog received more then 130.000 visits. I am really blown away by that number. I was already happy when a small group would be enjoying this blog. But so much. I only can give you a humble thank you all for visiting.
And it gives me extra boost to keep focused on posting! Hope you will keep enjoying this place.

Also great to see so many visitors directed from othe blogs. More in into fashion and lifestyle! Fantastic! As the worlds indeed blend and match. Maybe i should also do some more posts on cool other stuff blending with vintage Rolex. Will post some of the cool blogs here also!



5510 in the sun

When the sunlights hits the dial... it shows it's real beauty. A beautiful warm patina...

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