New background

Just a quick shot on a new background... unfortunately i can't keep that watch myself and have to sell it for a friend. But it is one nice bird in front of the camera. The background is an old special Comex diving suite. Which also looks cool with this big crown.


LOOL... well seems like i have a own kind of strange way of making wristshot's... and at the German Rolex forum they call it the Bullishot LOOOOL!
Here are some ... as said before... watches come and go sometimes. Memories stay and keep us smiling!
And now let me see those Bullishot's all over the forums... guidelines available LOOOOOOL!

Vintage Diving

Most of us like the vintage dive watches like Submariner and Seadweller. Which had their origin in the 50th. And beginning of the 60th.
The Bigcrown as a 'forefather' of the Seadweller and of course all the Submariner ranges. 6204, ... 6200,.. 6536, 6538,... 5508, ... 5512,... 5513.
But today we might often forget, the times when they where used! Also for diving. With modern technology we might often forget the risk most of the 'professional' divers took with the gear that was just invented in those days. People like Jacques Cousteau played a big part in it. But to get a bit of the spirtit, here are some images out of a vintage book about diving from the end of the 50th/beginning of the 60th. I love vintage!

Christies Auction in November

Well, just had a look at the catalogue from the 16th of November Christies Auction in Geneva.
Some real nice watches there. Some nice old chrono's. Love that brownish 6234 Lot 342. Sometimes we are so focused on Sub's and Daytona's. But these old chrono's do have a lot of style. Not a lot of Newman or special deliveries on this one. But a nice balance for me.
As it seems now, i will be at the auction. Looking forward to see some live, and meet some great collectors again.
Love lake Geneva.

I love France!

France is the place for me. I love the beaches,... places which give me the biggest energy. Also the small villages and markets. As i like the pureness of it. A Oyster is a oyster, a tomato is a tomato. Nothing extra needed. Just pure taste. Pure is the word for me! But it also holds one of the coolest companies of the world for me. In a town called Marseille... ;-)
And still a world... i want to discover so much more about... Watches come and go. The memories stay and keep us smiling!

70th style at it's best

We all love the Daytona, at least i do! But the Tudor counter part, the early Monte Carlo's like the 7031 and 7032 'Homeplate' watches are such cool brothers. The dials are magical, the watch some bigger then the Rolex and it has a date. LOL... not that i need one. They are real cool watches, symbols of a era. And you need the right shoes with them... LOOL!

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