Cool strap

I just had a reply on the strap in the post below. About the brown strap. Well the straps are real cool. They come from a nice seller (LOOL) at the watchfair in Munich. They have all kind of nato straps and this kind of strap. It's thicker and the inside is from leather. The outside is textile. And they look real cool in my opinion. Have never seen them for sale anywhere els... someone else of you did???

Just some friends...

Had a little meeting yesterday with some great guys from the German forum. One guy's dream came true... 4 guys enjoying.

Vintage Panerai

For me they are the beginning of the toolwatch. So beautiful, pure and full of history. Partly with a Rolex movement, the vintage Panerai's are a big part of my passion and Rolex heritage. Used for the German and Italian Combat divers in the 40th and later series also used by divers in the middle-east. The straps olden so great and the dials often turn brown. Which looks so cool. Only downer,... they became much to expansive for me and their high radiation. It ain't a daily beater .... but almost nothing can beat them cooooolwise. Here are some watches from friends..

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