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I nice comparison between 2 of the 3 different Milsub references. The Milsub is one of the coolest Rolex watches around. For me the grail of the Submariners. Watches which are part of history. They where used some earlier... but the once we like most started service in the mid 70th... and where issued for a couple of years to the british special forces. As SBS commando's, but also mine clearance divers and units that went to missions along the SBS/SAS commandos.
Years of cold war, fires all over the world, Northern Ireland, Falklands,... Asia...
Missions of highest secrecy and danger. I started reading some books on the issue. And i was so fortunate to meet one of the original owners of those watches. And the stories and emotion of that day will stay with me forever. Without any meaning of talking glorious about war or force! When you read the book of Duncan Falconer "First into Action' you will understand more about what those watches had to go through. The ultimate Toolwatch!!!

Here is some more history on the SBS.

The watches are modified Submariners. According to MOD specifications. For the use in service they needed sword hands, T-mark on the dial as sign for tritium, 60 minutes bezel (also it seems there where some issued with 15 minutes bezel, but it's still an issue among collectors if so ), fixed bars, a MOD admirals strap and engravings on the backcase which state the MOD numbers and year of issue and number.
The sword hands are one of the biggest visible changes on the watch. On the wrist they are magical!

The Milsub was issued in different batches, with different engravings (style and type) and in 3 references. 5513, 5517 and the doublereference 5513/5517.
Also with different dial types. With the Maxi MK1 dial as the most beautiful one.

Out of the about 1200-1300 Milsubs produced only little numbers survived in full-spec condition. Often you see them with 15 minutes bezel or mercedes hands. Or with Omega sword hands.... often changed by the MOD watchmakers in time of service. As they did not care... just to get the watch ready for missions again.
Well there is so much more to say... so much to discover still and so many stories with those watches.

Here are 2.... next to each other. Compare the dials. The 5513 with the vanilla patina and the 5517 with the more orange one.

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