My biggest grail of all !!!!

Dear friends,... i have been quite as i am mostly hold up in business lately.
But also because i did not buy a lot of watches the last month.

But i just got a 'new' grail for X-Mas.

But before i go into that i want to tell you a little story.

Years ago... there was the Dutch Rockstar and painter Herman Brood. He was working hard to achive his goal of becoming famous. Making songs. Which a couple off  did great. Like the song 'Saturday Night'. Which became a hit for him.

He and his band got gigg after gigg... bigger... wider.... and one day they finally achived their goal.

A big gigg in the USA which might bring them worldwide fame and stardum.

And just before the big event. The band was ready to get on stage... Herman was gone. Nowhere to be found.
The band members went out searching..... 

And they found him eventually. Outside in the dark.... on a bridge.
Scared... in a bad state.... and the band asked him... what is wrong. Why are you gone. We are at this moment of faith... audience is waiting...

And Herman said:

 WHY IS BIG ALWAYS BETTER ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 

Words i thought more off this year. More watches? More cars? Bigger cars ? Bigger houses... more Lanvin's... etc... etc.
More 47 mm ugly watches LOOL

Herman killed himself a couple of years ago. Jumped off the Hilton Hotel... but hey.... 
Why is big always better ?

Why is expansive always better?

I have seen so many 'grails' and had the great priveledge to own some of them. Still enjoying them.
But why is expansive always better???

I left that road..... a watch has to have the special feeling to me... more and more.
No matter which reference... or better... let's stop buying watches to rise in the picking order of watch fanatics... 
So here is my new grail. My most precious watch!!!

Given to me for X-Mas..... by my father. Nothing fancy. But his watch since my youth.

A watch that was always magic to me. When i was a kid my dad was wearing it.
But later when i was about 10-18 years... this watch was in a drawer at home. Scratched plexi.. not running... strap broken. I always took it and gave it a spin. It was a magic drawer with all kind of stuff like old sunglasses and pocket knifes. So you imagine it was a magnet for me when i was a kid.

The watch was forgotten by my dad... and i was trying to wear it somehow when i was about 16-17 ... and wanted it to wear it at school. But it did not work proper. So i bought a Tag Heuer Formula 1 when i was on a holiday at Lake Geneva and forgot about it. It stayed in the drawer for  years.... i started collecting furniture and fountain pens....

And when i started collecting watches about 5 years ago... i remembered my dad's old Heuer.
And YES there it was still in the drawer at my parents house.

I took it to a watchmaker.. had it restored (plexi and movement) and put a nice strap on.

And i gave it to my dad as a present. To have him wear his old watch again. My dad who had been wearing it for years on business travels all over the world. Tennis.. etc. A guy who does not care about status, money or showing any kind of expansive goods. But he was very happy to wear the watch again.

He has been wearing it for the last years now.

This X-Mas he gave me the watch to have it in his memory for the future. And to enjoy it... and remember all the great moments together in the past.

A simple watch..... 70th style!

Heuer Camaro...

Why is big always better ?

Why is expansive always better ?

For me this is my most precious grail. Value has many faces.

4 reacties:

  1. Great story, beautiful watch, thanks for sharing....

  2. This is an awesome post. Wear in good health.

  3. I like this story !!!
    Thats ols where less is much more comes from I guess ?

    I'm experiencing a litlle bit the same problem here right now
    because I bought a brand new watch **** euro's but it does not realy makes me happy, and I'm thinking about flipping it to buy a re-edition heuer tsss witch cost approx a tirth of the amount I payed for my new watch. Sometimes more expensive is not more joy or happyness.

    Thank for these beautifull words B.



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