Daytona Love part 3 ... FAP

Not only a rare Daytona 6265 Fuerza Aerea Del Peru (FAP). But also the most beautiful Daytona i have ever seen. With fantastic brown faded subdials and in fantastic condition.

And as it is a Military Daytona, it's really rare and a true grail-watch.

The Rolex Fuerza Aerea Del Peru Cosmographs were produced with model references from 6238 to 6263/5 by Rolex for the Peruvian Air force in limited numbers (circa 700-800) between early 1960 and the mid 1980s, (the case numbers range from 1 to 6 million).

The history of Peruvian Air force can be found at

The colaboration between Rolex and the FAP is believed to have been due to the close friendship between the official Rolex dealer of Lima, and the late Heineger, Head of Rolex South America (& father of Patrick Heineger General Director of Rolex SA).

The Fuerza Aerea Del Peru Issued watches have also been noted on non daytonas, such as model ref 1680/1675 and even steel datejusts. 

The Fuerza Aerea Del Peru Cosmographs are often found with the following characteristics

- Dials from  6239 to 6263/5 usually without the word daytona

-Outer caseback engraved with Fuerza Aerea Del Peru (engraved by Rolex, who have a record of the issue numbers) and very lightly engraved delivery numbers (often erased via polishing as with the early Comex 5513/4)

Inner case backs with specific serial engravings

(Information in courtesy of Londonwatchcompany)

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  1. Very nice Topic, as soon as possible I'll show you some decent pic of mine 6263


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