I love France!

France is the place for me. I love the beaches,... places which give me the biggest energy. Also the small villages and markets. As i like the pureness of it. A Oyster is a oyster, a tomato is a tomato. Nothing extra needed. Just pure taste. Pure is the word for me! But it also holds one of the coolest companies of the world for me. In a town called Marseille... ;-)
And still a world... i want to discover so much more about... Watches come and go. The memories stay and keep us smiling!

3 reacties:

  1. Really beginning to get the Comex bug, love the watches and love the history!! Great blog B. Cheers, Ross

  2. Thanks Ross,

    yes the Comex bug is a mighty pal.. LOL!
    I even bought a female Comex diving suite last week.


  3. A female suit - you git it real bad B!!!!!



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