Ologanpo... not every ones cup of....

Love it or hate it. But as a collector these straps are also special to me.
During the Vietnam War, soldiers and sailors would often take R&R in the city of Olongapo located near the Subic Bay Naval Station.  It was in Olongapo many Navy Divers, Seals, UDT members and Army / Marine Special forces would have watch bracelets crafted carrying custom insignias.   These bracelets, now named for the city in which they were made, were a cottage industry of the natives of the city who handmade each.   Bracelets were crafted for a specific Seviceman and therefore each is found w/ a unique set of insignias.  Most often these bracelets are found attatched to a Benrus Type I dive watch (as above), though they are found on many others as well - from original pairings to unlikely current partners.

Courtesy to Billy from Watch Addicts INC

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  1. Hi B,

    I kinda like them ! Jaffy made one for me but it rubbed the lugs too much. The second one (adjusted to my specs) was perfect though and I am wearing it now and then. Nice tough are the personalized insignas !

  2. Dear Bernhard,
    my compliments for the very nice photos and also for the good graphic layout of your blog.
    All is very professional.
    Ciao Auro

  3. Thanks Auro!

    To be honest.... the layout was easy... BLOG does a lot for you.
    Next step is to keep great contant coming!
    Thanks for your compliment and visiting! Hope i can live up to your standards!




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