Cool straps part 3

What i like about the tool-watches, is that seem to be made to shine in all kind of configurations. With a black bezel, faded bezel,.. on steel, jubilee, leather, nato strap and.... i really like the looks of a Sub on a vintage SWISS Tropic strap. Made of rubber. As i understood from a friend who is deep into military watches and Comex... also a lot of MN watches where worn on such straps. Also Comex divers used them. I was happy to find a vintage one.

3 reacties:

  1. Looks great on your 5513!!! Is it a NOS strap? It doesn't look used..

    I was wondering if you would maybe make a post on the 14060 you had DLC'd once.. It looks amazing and I'm waiting for mine to return from the coating company.

    Keep up the good work, love your blog, sent the link to every watch enthusiast I know ;)

  2. Thanks Karel,

    will do one this week!

    And thanks for your help on spreading the passion!



  3. Hi B,

    That's a cool strap indeed. Just found one myself but must admit the material is a strange plastic/rubberish stuff.... Look great thoug on both the shoulderless subs as well as the later ones.


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