1976 kind of style

Well a great guy send me a nice old National Geographic magazine from '76 with an 1680 (REDSUB) ad in it.... 

And as we all love those vintage watches... and look at them now.. it nice to see them next to the other icons/products and lifestyle of that era.. and relate it to that.... gives just another 'view' on the watches don't you think... in relation to their era. And in relation how still 'fresh' they look today. 
Rolex is a great design.... timeless beauty. Can't say that about most of the things.
From the old box...  when a car still had character, Spain was still Spain,.. and rich people still had real privileges ;-) 

I was a bit young then. I was having a party in the 80th. With wrong cloth, wrong drinks,... wrong places...... and wrong glasses LOOL!. But a lot of fun.

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