Tropical. We need the sun.

It's winter, it's dark and cold... we just need the sun and the warm feeling. Maybe these tropical dials will help.
Sometimes nature is good to us. Thanks you moisture,.. thank you UV... thanks you time...They are fabulous.
We see it in fifferent time-frames. But a lot on the DRSD Mk2 and 1680 red mtr's first dial. Seems to be a end of 60th thing.
My explanation is, that for printing deep black, you use a mixture of different colours to get deep black. Otherwise it will look grey-ish. I think they used a mixture with more brown/warmth on the end of the 60th... and by fading out other colours through UV... the brown get's dominant in the dial.
But i have also seen greenish kind of giltdials and the most beautuful Tropical i have seen. The camel-gilt Sub above!

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