WTB a perfect 5513/5512 gilt

Ohhhhhh men... it's itching!! LOOL... look at the brown 5512 below. It ain't getting better then that. But i would like to come along.... and after a while without early 5512 or 5513 i am ready for another gilt Sub again. But it must be magical. All original and with a mint gloss dial. Perfect hands... perfect case.. well just the perfect watch! Maybe even tropical brown. Smiling to me. 

Thanks for your help and wish you all a merry X-mas!

2 reacties:

  1. Sorry B...


  2. LOOOL Patrtik.... you are partly to blaim for !!!
    I am afraid it might be an expansive X-Mas ;-)

    Best to you and enjoy you new killer grail!


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