The community is great!!!

Philipp and i had a sudden idea.. after someone asked if he could buy a PASSION meeting t-shirt. They are not for sale, as they are only in the goddie-bag for the friends at the meeting. But it was a start of... why don't sell the onces we had left for a good course. And sell them to help people in Haiti. And we asked our VRF friends to start bid bid on them And only 24 hours later... most have been sold. Only a view left and more then 850 euro already collected! Wooaaaawwwwww!
What a great community! So now.... we have to find the right organisation to send the money (hoping for more then 1100 euro) to. Maybe you have a suggestion. We want to get close to helping the individual people as possible!

2 reacties:

  1. Good to hear Bernhard!

    All the best
    Mads Bording

  2. Thanks!!!

    Just backk from London and will pick it up again...




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