Beveled lugs... i love them!

Wen i look back on my way in this hobby and what i see around me the last year, i have to say... quality, quality and quality. The great guys who teaches me and are much longer into this always focused rather on quality then on reference. They always looked for fat and unpolished cases and great dials. As these watches keep smiling at you over and over again. Also long after they just gave you the quick fix in the addicted rush for the next crown. I know what i talk about LOOOOL! When look what happened the last year, the hobby matured. The hype of exploding prices is gone. The quick buck, for which a lot of people joined this has turned. And now more and more people get adducted on details. Looking for correct and great condition watches. And that is a great direction. More focus on the passion then on the hype. Like in other hobbies....
Of course we should only buy watches that give us the emotional bonus. Sometimes that is character, mint, history, stories.... and sometimes even not great condition watches. The mint quality does not always mean sex on the wrist. But you should look for the best quality you can get for your money. No matter what budget.

I learned to love cases like on the images. Unpolished and with the original bevelled lugs. I love that style. At each twist of your wrist the light is playing,.. the shape is changing. Pure sex on the wrist.

3 reacties:

  1. You are soo right Bernhard....

    BTW, great pictures ...
    Love a nice sporty an Jubilee....,
    it looks soooo damn cool.

    very stylish and soooooo cool!


  2. Thanks!

    Yes it is nice to change the straps.... Jubilee is cool on a sub.
    That's what i love with the toolwatches. Flip and enjoy!



  3. Flip and enjoy sounds like FUN :D

    But .....

    there is one thing, that looks much better on Jubi!

    GMT PEPSI !!!!!!!
    1675 or 16750 ...!



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