Trip to London... ohhhhh nooo

Ohhhhh nooooo can you believe it. I visited London last weekend. And met with some great friends at Home House Club in the evening... collectors... and forgot my camera in the hotel... ohhhhh no! So i am so sorry... i can't show you the beauty of the Daytona,... the coooool red colour of that 5510 gilt dial, the crazy beauty of that Jean Claude Killy,... the shear rareness and history of the Iranian Milsub, .. the pure sex of that 5513 Comex,.... and much more. So sorry! But i can share a bit of the trip. A all relaxed easy dinner at Home House. A member club which made quite a impression on me. Because of it all relaxed atmosphere and fantastic interior. With all the old elements, new design and very relaxed people! All my favorite combination. Here are some images of the club from the website...

And the next day i combined the trip to visit watch-friends to visit again a area of London i have now visited 4 times in the last 6 years... and have seen it change from a rough and highly creative surrounding to a hip and more mainstream creative surrounding. The edge is gone. The coolness of the people of the beginning has gone a bit for more tourist and business people to walk in. But still one of the places with a lot of energy and cool shops and initiatives. I understood the new place to be is Hackney now... so i hope to visit that area soon. Some impressions from Shoreditch... and Spitafield Market area.

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