Munich watch fair

Well.... Munich... in perspective... the show was kind of a disappointment. The trip with friends was great. The quality of the watches shown by most of the dealers was poor. Ugly dials, cases overpolished. I was there with money in my hand and nothing i wished to buy. Rasmus had some nice pieces as usual. One Newman. But for the rest... quite some DRSD at still high prices. Some bad GMT's/Subs for 3.5-4.2 K euro.. not 1 matching 1655 in nice condition... and still asked 9.5K for it... None i would buy. There was a brown Daytona but i did not see it live. I have only seen 1 original Comex and 1 6541. 1 Tudor Big Crown and 1 ugly Rolex Big Crown..... a lot of the big dealers where not there. A ugly star-dial for 90K euro... The nice watches where all on the wrist of friends ;-)

The most beautiful 6238 black dial, 6263's... 1655,.. 1675,.. and double-swiss Daytona. Seems like the market has problems to find real nice watches. As quality is everything.... I had my un-polished gilt Sub with me (to sell)... for the case if i would be tempted by a real nice watch like a black Daytona or so.... BUT nothing!!! So i enjoyed the time with friends! Which at the end of the day... is the most important part!

So i saved money and still went home with great watches and a big smile on my face.

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