Lazy Sunday morning

A friend was just over. And as it goes,.. talking about faded inlays, changing bracelets,.. talking forums and watches. And his quest for a real nice 7928 Tudor gilt/pointed sub. Why,.. why not. What else. Which one. Isn't it typical and nice. Those little meetings with friends. And makes you smile on a sunny early and lazy Sunday morning. Enjoy your weekends.

And ... when you know a real nice 7928...let me know ;-)

2 reacties:

  1. Great pics Bernhard :-) Thanks for sharing with me the link on the Cordura strap. Finally, my first step into the world of vintage Rolex has been taken, and I can finally use that Cordura strap.

  2. Happy for you! Sow us your watch! Big congrats!

    And tell us the story...




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