Comex meeting 2010

Again this year there was a special Comex meeting. A GTG of great Comex freaks and friends. Special people with the crazy Comex bugg. Looking for a place to celebrate their passion and talk engravings and provenance all day long.

They found their special place. Behind big walls and full privacy. Happy to join and share their knowledge. And great food and wine. Big thanks to the host for the great GTG!

I love this watch! STill haven't found my 6265 black dial ;-(

Watch Porn!!!!

And Mike Wood created the new SUMMER LOOK... Milsub at your feets!

And this is Comex goodies HEAVEN!!!!!

2 reacties:

  1. Wow, seems like a great GTG. Thanks for sharing.

  2. When seven watches on one wrist just isn't enough, I strap another to my ankle... It was a great weekend, packed with watch-passion. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Mike Wood


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