I am feeling blue

After a really bad beginning of the week at the office my perfect consolation patch arrived today.

A fantastic patina GMT with rare all red-hand and even more special. Ultra rare 'all blue' GMT inlay. They call it the NAVY inlay.

These inlays are real rare. We often see them on military GMT's like the UAE or FAP. There is still a lot of questions and mystic around them. Stories i have heard are that they where produced for the American market. But other experts still have different feelings. This is what makes it so nice... all the stuff we still have to discover. I love this kind of special looks and great details. Every watch is different.

The red-hand looks so special! For me a undervalued detail.

8 reacties:

  1. OMG this watch is awesome!
    Really love your watches and your blog!

    Kenji from FRANCE

  2. That is a lovely watch B. I had a lovely GMT a couple of years ago, but never really got on with it. This one could change all that!!!!


  3. This watch is all out the best example I've seen. The patina is superb with absolutely matching dial and hands. Add to that the rarity of the all red 24-hour hand and the all-blue bezel insert and you have a winner. Wow. Just wow. Congrats!


  4. Thanks guy's!!!

    Big thanks for the compliments! I am happy you like it!!! so much.



  5. there's something (actually, a lot!) very cool about your blue 1675.

    i love it.

    brilliant taste you have B.

  6. Thanks for the big compliment!!!

    Yes i love it. Summer watch for me!


  7. I must tell you B that I think about this watch a lot!
    the blue is such a cool and fun colour and with the blue nato, it has this unique look to it. rolexes are always serious watches.
    this watch is serious (because of the special details) but the fun element far outweighs the serious element.
    for me, this watch is to GMTs what the mil sub is to submariners. the pinnacle.
    enjoy and if you want to sell, please sell to me!

  8. Lovely..!! I am falling in love with this collection.Rolex watches, while not the most expensive or exclusive of the high-end luxury watch brands, is certainely in the upper tier of elite watches available today.


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